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Olde Un jingle sting


Jan 17, 2015 Production , , , 0 Comments

Olde Un, adult entertainment store in Columbia, MO, teases the audience with a short, tantalizing jingle sting or tag. After 30+ years in business, the owners looked to a radio jingle to help keep current in the minds of the target demographic. While a full-sing jingle could really hit the [...]

Remember this retro jingle?


Jan 5, 2015 Food, Production , , , , 0 Comments

PARTY, PIZZA PARTY! Remember this game? If you were a child of the 80s you probably still have the jingle stuck in your head! We’ve been singing it since Park Bros. launched the board game in 1987. How’s that for recall? Get a cool jingle & you won’t be forgotten! [...]