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Does your business need to stand out in a competitive marketplace?
Could your name use a little more staying power?
So you think a jingle will help increase your awareness? Well, just what makes for a good jingle?
Here are 5 characteristics of quality, memorable jingles:

1) Rhyme Scheme: Rhyming is the name of the game! Rhyme schemes aid memory & recall. So if possible and if the company name or company slogan allows for rhyme, then by all means you have the reason!

2) Repetition: You’re paying for the media buy, so say it again! Ideally, a jingle will open a commercial and close it, and the melody/music bed will continue throughout the advertisement. Brains need to hear things 3 times to form a strong memory. So repeat the catchy jingle sting as many times as possible!

3) Melody: When a jingle is a success, your customers will be humming the tune. What they’re remembering is the melody, or the order of the notes which composes your tune. The melody is just as important as the lyrics because the melody is the delivery vehicle for your positioning statement & company brand name.

4) Sting: What does the listener take away from the jingle? If a company is using a full-sing jingle, ie: a :60 second or even :30 second song about their business, the “sting” is essentially the chorus of the song. This is the most important part of a jingle; it expresses the name, a slogan and often contact information. For example: “Be the best that you can be, in the ARMY.” Write the sting first, make sure it sticks, and build around it.

5) Quality of Music Production & Voice Talent: Last buy not least, don’t mix your jingle in a garage. The image of your company is relayed in the quality of production of your advertisement messages. Research and hire a professional audio engineer if you haven’t already engaged a production company to handle the jingle production from start to finish. A quality, professional engineered sound is crucial to delivering a respectable message to your audience. In Kansas City, BicMedia and Cool Jingles, cooljingles.com, is a trusted audio, jingle, animation, and video production company with references since  since 2001.

For more information on BicMedia’s jingle composer and audio engineer, JULIAN JOHN BICKFORD, visit his portfolio page JULIANBICKFORD.com