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What is included in a jingle package?

60 and 30-second versions of the Full Sing, Donut, Sing In, Sing Out & Instrumental

How much do your jingles cost?

The pricing structure is determined by considering the number of broadcast markets (DMAs) the jingle will air, the length of the jingle package, ie: a 60 second jingle vs. a 15 second jingle, exclusivity options and length of lease term. Please call to discuss your specific needs with our team, and then we can better provide you with a bid.

Do I own the jingle?

That’s up to you. Jingles can be leased or purchased for one or more markets.

What if I don’t like the jingle your team produces?

No worries. While we work hard to gather the right information from the start, we offer two rounds of edits on your project.

What makes a cool jingle better than the average?

Authenticity, creativity & relevance.  Cool jingles relate to the specific audience you’re working so hard to connect with, by combining effective melody, rhythm & rhyme with high-end production quality.

How long does it take?

Typically we turn around jingles in 10 business days or less.  The creative mind can’t be rushed, but the current flow is impressive.

Are you looking for jingle writers? Can I submit my own work for your team to sell?

At this time we are not accepting applications & we do not contract out the work. Every project is produced in our studio under the supervision of our Creative Director and Co-Owner, Julian Bickford.

I want my jingle to sound just like a specific song. Does that cost more and can it be done?

We take copyright law very seriously. First, let’s check to see if the song falls under the Public Domain, which include works created prior to 1923.  If not, we’ll need to look into obtaining a mechanical license, and yes that will add cost to your jingle.

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