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Jingle Production Process

What’s our process like?

Anyone can write a jingle, but the quality of your jingle is crucial! It’s the face of your brand… the personality that helps engage potential customers into a relationship with your company or product. Make sure your first impression is stellar. So call on us to get a Cool Jingle, and we’ll walk you through the process – it’s easy & quick!
1. We talk with you to gather information about your brand, market-place, objectives, and intended usage.

Have you thought about your unique selling proposition? Who is your primary demographic? What radio format are they listening to?

2. We produce your jingle with a down payment.

Typically 50% of the budget.

3. You love it or…

We’ll provide two rounds of edits to ensure it’s right for you.

4. We create all of the different versions you could ever want or use and deliver them to you and your media outlets in broadcast ready format…

:60, :30 or :15 second versions including Full Sing, Sing In, Sing Out, Donut, Instrumental)’

5. You’ll be super happy and tell all your friends that Cool Jingles hooked you up!

We appreciate your business and we’ll feature your new Cool Jingle on our social media channels!

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