Jingles Work! How many song lyrics do you remember?

Does your advertising linger?


Dec 23, 2013 , , , , 0 Comments

Incorporating music into your advertising will serve you well.

King of Kash “School Daze” from BicMedia on Vimeo.

Not only does music make your commercial more appealing, it aids in recall. It is far more likely to memorize a piece of music than spoken language or images because “music tends to linger in the listeners mind, Huron, David (1989). “Music in Advertising”.

If a jingle doesn’t seem right for your brand or message, consider music as a mnemonic tool. Words aren’t necessary for music to create a connection between your customer and your brand, and the emotional connection is often made without the viewer or listener even realizing it. Remember, emotions sell, numbers tell, so contact us today for a memorable tune that lingers.

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