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COOL ALERT: Dothan Water World wins 2014 Wave Award for their radio jingle campaign!

Dothan Water World joins the list of satisfied customers & wins an award to prove it! Dothan Water World joins other Cool Jingles clients including, Schlitterbahn and Andy Alligator Water Park in winning the Wave Award for their jingle. Each year, the World Water Park Association invites water leisure industry parks to compete in categories showcasing their marketing, advertising & entertainment tactics.

The annual Trade Show features more than three hundred exhibitors from the water leisure industry representing the newest ideas in water park products and services, plus proven performers.

Cool Jingles is proud to be honored alongside the top industry professionals & assist in developing their marketing messages with creative production of advertising & branding jingles.

Trust the production team at BicMedia and Cool Jingles to deliver quality, memorable advertising solutions for your brand. Jingles are a tried and true tactic proven to raise awareness, improve recall and staying power in the minds of your customers.