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My Pizza Full-Sing Jingle


Mar 3, 2015 Food, Samples 0 Comments

A dancing jingle! 2D animation produced by BicMedia. Check out Full Sing Jingle & order delicious pizza, from your favorite local pizza joints, and always free to use.

Remember this retro jingle?


Jan 5, 2015 Food, Production , , , , 0 Comments

PARTY, PIZZA PARTY! Remember this game? If you were a child of the 80s you probably still have the jingle stuck in your head! We’ve been singing it since Park Bros. launched the board game in 1987. How’s that for recall? Get a cool jingle & you won’t be forgotten! [...]

Jose Ole TV Jingle Sting


Dec 22, 2014 Food 0 Comments

Jose Ole “They crafted the music for our client that brilliantly combined a familiar tune with a touch of the brand’s personality, completely making it their own. It was on of those rare occasions where you hear or see a creative product for the first time and you instantly snap [...]

Power Play


Dec 21, 2013 Amusement, Food, Theme Parks 0 Comments

Power Play Family Entertainment Center “Our audience is kids. A jingle is the perfect medium to connect with them. Kids sing our jingle to us all the time!” – Charles Tulipana, Owner, Power Play.

Andy Alligator Water Park


Dec 21, 2013 Amusement, Food, Theme Parks 0 Comments

Andy Alligator Water Park “We’re entering the jingle into a waterpark marketing competition!” – Brian Wall, Creative Director, Trifecta Communications. Turns out the jingle won “Best Radio Commercial” for parks under 100K annual attendance in the 2013 Wave Awards.

Goodcents Deli Fresh Subs


Dec 22, 2012 Adult Contemporary, Food 0 Comments

Goodcents “Updating Goodcent’s jingle was daunting. They’d used this jingle for decades, but working with Cool Jingles turned out to be the best decision to “freshen” up the branding,”. – Trisha Jolliffe-McCurry, IPM GROUP.

Sams Town Casino


Dec 21, 2012 Amusement, Country, Food, Travel 0 Comments

“I’m much impressed with your work. This search has taken us through jingle shops in LA and SF and your work is every bit as good, and often much better, than what we’re hearing in bigger markets. Well done.” – Kyle Gilliland, The Hucksters Agency